Removing Errors from Bad Credit Reports

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How can I remove errors from a bad credit report?

Removing Errors from Bad Credit Reports

Many people who had bad credit learn that the poor scoring was never their fault in the first place. Errors are found all the time on credit reports and these can come from any number of reasons.

  • Sometimes you may have a social security number that is only a digit away from someone with terrible credit practices.
  • Other times, derogatory notes are simply reported in error on your accounts.

Either way, you can easily remove errors from a bad credit report with a few short steps.
  • First, identify the precise errors. The best way to do this is by getting your hands on a free credit report. After you have gotten the errors itemized, take the time to create a document that explains each one. Bad credit is easiest to fix when you go overboard with your information.
  • Once you have the itemized document, contact each of the credit bureaus that are carrying the erroneous items. Chances are that they will want verification of the errors and why they should be removed, but if you have prepared yourself you will find this information easy to provide. That is just about it.

If the credit bureaus still refuse to remove the errors from your credit report, contact a bad credit specialist. There are many available that can cut through the red tape of credit reporting and get action taken on your account much faster. There are often fees for these services, but when you compare the fees to the poor rates you will get with bad credit, you are saving money for sure.



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