The Information You will need to File Bankruptcy

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What information do I need to gather to file bankruptcy?

The Information You will need to File Bankruptcy

If you are soon to file bankruptcy, it is important to get all of your proverbial ducks in a row. Here is a quick checklist of the information you will need to provide when you file bankruptcy.

  • Name and address of creditors, collection agencies, or attorneys, if any.
  • A basis for claims and account numbers of debts.
  • Dates when the debt was incurred.
  • Total amount of bankruptcy claim.
  • Co-debtor's name and address, if applicable.
  • Your name, address, phone number, social security number, and date of birth.
  • Your spouse's name, address, phone number, social security number, and date of birth.
  • Any bankruptcies within the last six years, when they were filed, case number and date filed.
  • Income from employment or business for both you and spouse.
  • Payments to creditors
  • Suits, garnishments, executions and attachments (if any).
  • Repossessions, Foreclosures and returns within one year immediately preceding this bankruptcy. (if any)
  • Assignments and receiverships made within one year of the filing of this bankruptcy.
  • Gifts over $200.00 to family members and over $100.00 to charities.
  • Losses from fire, theft or other casualty including gambling.
  • Payments related to debt counseling or bankruptcy within one year prior to filing.
  • Closed financial accounts within the last year.
  • Safe deposit boxes, where they are located, persons with access, contents and surrender date.
  • Property owned by another person that you hold or control.
  • If you have moved within the past two years, list all previous addresses and dates.
  • Monthly budget of all expenses.
  • List of all property (i.e. real estate, bank accounts, cash on hand, furnishings, personal effects and so on.) owned by both spouses.

Gathering all of this information can be tedious, but it is necessary to file bankruptcy. Be sure you have all of this at your disposal before starting the proceedings. Improper procedure leads to further damage to your financial future.



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