Loans and Debt – A Careful Balance

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How can I balance my loans and debt to make sure I pay them off?

Loans and Debt – A Careful Balance

The balance in most people's lives between loans and debt is one that is often way out of kilter. If you are like most people, all it can take to throw this even further off is one purchase or one emergency. Don't stay in this state forever. Do whatever you can to maintain a good balance between loans and debt by refraining from using one to sustain the other. Taking out loans for debt often feels like a never ending cycle.

To keep this under control, first you need to get a good look at your situation.

  • Are you paying higher interest rates on loans that should be lower?
  • How long have you had the oldest debt on your books?
  • Have you made any headway over the last year? Two years? Five years?

Most people are astonished when they ask these questions to see that, often, their loans and debt are even higher than they were 5 years before. When the balance is thrown off, it will continue that way until you take action.

To get out of this cycle, pay the principle balances on your loans and debts early and often. Make extra payments if you have to, but do not let yourself get ‘upside down' when it comes to your loans and debt. Pay close attention to your interest, your balances, and your payments to ensure that you are actually paying down your debt and not just stretching it out.



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